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Tuesday, April 25, 2006


li li

I love that bag, real neat! :D


I know what you mean about the shoes sizes,the mother in law and the comments!


Ooooh! That is a nifty bag! I like the shape. I can't wait to see the others you made. Babybug is really adorable and I'm with you on the haven't done any exercise is way too long! 8-)


Your little girl is so cute! Fortunatly, my feet didn't grow with my first baby, but they did with my second (only a half size). I think this new size is here to stay.

Your bag looks great too.


cute bag. You make really creative nice things!


Oh, look at the cute little yellow ribbon on the side of the bag! Aw!

And I totally relate to the MIL comments. I could write a book (and I don't write about it on my blog because I know someday she'll end up reading it and I don't want to hurt her feelings. But good gawd that one is seriously passive agressive and manipulative).

My shoe size didn't permanently change with Griffin, but it did with Darwin. And even though I'm losing weight the shoe size is not going down. And I don't like it one little bit.

Alicia A.

Oooooo... the bag, with the French on it... so cute!

And of course, Babybug is absolutely adorable too.


I love the bag and the dress! Do you know the pattern name and # for the dress? Or did you make it up?

I would love to make one for my little girl this summer!

Ugh! I've having your placenta problem now...


Cute bag! Cute dress! I wish I knew how to make those, too! My feet grew a lot with my first pregnancy, but not with the others. My mum said it was from my arches spreading. It's weird though.


babybug needs a fan club... wait - that's us! Where's my button? lol. I love how she's posing for the camera - I wish George would do that too.


Beautiful bag - I love the gingham taggie best of all.
My feet only grew with pregnancy number 1, if that makes you feel any better.


The fabric and shape of the bag are great. Love the little tag too. Hope you make loads of money at the craft fair.

Yeah, and my feet grew one size during my first pregnancy, none with my second and now seem to be increasing in width. Scary!

p.s. What do you mean you haven't worn shoes for 3 years?

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