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Tuesday, March 14, 2006



Oh, these are cute! I'm always on the lookout for a quickie craft. Too bad I don't have any daughters to make these for, but I do know lots of little girls. :) Love the ribbon with the big dots.


What a great idea! Love them!


They look soooo cute! Well done. My kiddo will not let me put anything in her hair.




I might have some bag-related questions for you later... but first, how wide and how long do you cut your handles?


you can make the bag handles any length and/or width. handles in pictures are width 2 3/4 inches and length is 21 1/2 inches. it was a smaller bag. hey, when are you going to post pictures of the fabric you bought over the weekend? i want to see :)


...don't forget to fold in the sides before you iron the pelon into the handles :)


Brilliant idea...I think I may have to make a million or two!


Oh, I totally forgot! I washed and ironed the material yesterday, today would be a good day to post photos!

Also, you cut out two pieces of the front and back, yes? Do you just sew around all the sides (except the top), or do you do something special with the cut out corners that make the bottom?

I think I'm gonna do a trial with fabric scraps. I just cannot seem to wrap my mind around this, but it sounds A LOT easier than the 12-dollar instructions I bought, that I'm totally regretting now.


Very cute... I don't think Geo would like Georgie wearing them though. Maybe I'll make some for my nieces. :)


yup, two pieces for front and two for lining. also, two pieces of the pelon. that's what makes it look nice. iron pelon onto wrong side (of outer fabric). then sew just along sides and bottom. "open/pull apart" the bottom of bag and sew together. do same for lining. don't forget to sew the handles on. hope that makes sense...


Oh, I love the dot ribbon.
So cute!!


I love these hair clips. I bought some at a craft fair for my daughter but we only have two left. {we seem to lose a lot of barrettes!}

Where can you purchase the hair clips? I looked at my local craft store {on the east coast – michaels} but they did not have any.

If you know where I can pick some up I would really appreciate it!

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