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Friday, March 03, 2006



I grew up without a mother as well, she passed away when I was four and its quite a horrible story (she had leukimia and some of the things she said to me was, um, inappropriate). I'm scared of having a daughter. Quite scared, in fact. But I have two amazing sons and they, along with my husband, are my world.

On a side note, what the heck is a serger? I've noticed people talking about them on their blogs lately and I have no clue what it does.


She is a lucky girl to have such a loving, caring, nurturing mother as you. I was going to ask you if you celebrated Hina Matsuri. I have a little something for babybug - so I'll send it soon.

Those kokeshi dolls are gorgeous. The tall one on the left reminds me of a waterfall. I think the little one in the middle with the autumn leaf is the cutest. :)

We were both hoping for a girl - when the tech told us we were having a boy I cried too - tears of joy. It's amazing how much love comes pouring out even when you aren't quite expecting it.

P.S. capello a Serger is a type of sewing machine that overcasts the raw edges of fabric using a V-shaped stitch


The bag you made for Rural Mama was georgeous! Was there a patterned involved or just your amazing creativity?


thanks for the comments :) feels neat to think people actually read what i'm writing..

capello, the bag is easy, you can do it too. i can post pics to show you. or, we could do a private swap, if you want. also, thanks for sharing about your mom.

dawn, did you find the mochiko flour at the asian market? if not, i bought more boxes...let me know. sending georgie's kimi balls on tues and can still pack them.


I would LOVE to learn how to make the bag... I think it would be a great skill and make wonderful gifts. Then again... a swap... hmmmm...

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