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Thursday, April 27, 2006


Alicia A.


We all just do our best, huh? All the plans get thrown out of the window when these sweet (and pretty!) little people come into our lives.


It's amazing how we change once we have children. I can attest to doing numerous things I once said I would never do. We're all just trying to do the best we can to raise healthy, happy children.


Oh, look how little babybug is in the last photo!

That's the thing with kids. We think we are going to act one way and life is going to be one way and then it gets switched around topsy-turvey and we do the best we can.

And really, by letting her have cookies and candy occasionally, you're teaching her not to gorge on it in the future (the "forbidden fruit" concept). So really, you're helping her :)


I can totally relate. Before I had kids I said I'd never take them to that horrible Toys-R-Us. Didn't want them to become materialistic. Turned out that was one of the first places we brought Davey after he was born and have been regulars ever since. You and your babybug look beautiful in that picture.


Oh Tasha that is such a beautiful photo! And both she and you are gorgeous! HA!
I did/do the same things. Ihave some basic ground rules that always stay and am slowly letting other things slip by. I'm sure that will happen more and more through the years.


I think you struck a chord with most parents there! My daughter has 11 barbies if it's any consulation (we said the exact same thing - no barbies blah blah bad images of women blah blah but she just loves all the 'stuff'!).

The thing you realise when they arrive is that you are the best role model of all and that they have strong personalities of their own, whatever you do :)


I had plans too! I was so sure that I would NEVER do that or this like him or her... hahaha.

Now I go with what I think is working the best for ALL of us. Being flexible and adapting is NOT a bad thing. :)


I know, I know, I know. Cannot tell you how many times we've had to eat our words. It is lovely that having kids makes you rethink and rethink and rethink.

And that photo is absolutely stunning. It captures so much.

le chat qui coud

it's amasing .... i read your memo and i recognise myself....
honestly, your litle girl is pure beauty!!!! Before to be a mother, i though also a lot of thinks : what i will do, what i will never do en so on.... but when she was born, and the second also, my live was completly changed.... i was completly changed. But i've never feel me so alive sinds this day....
sorry for my bad english, i hope you understand!

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