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Monday, April 17, 2006



OMG, your wall! Argh! You all have been SO NICE to those workers, and I still question their knowledge on construction (lest us not bring up construction etiquette!).

Griffin did the same thing with his first easter egg hunt -- he was surrounded by "big kids" so he was picking up leaves and sticks too. We put off our egg hunt till this weekend so my parents could watch (and after the sugar fits from Sunday, we are putting money in the eggs -- no candy. The artificial colors and flavors are *evil*).

And I love the little origami baskets -- and the paper is super cute too!

Did you make babybug's dress? So Cute!


Your origami baskets are adorable. I love the way they are the perfect size for an egg.

Your wall looks a bit dodgy doesn't it - hope you get some joy out of the construction company.


Love how you guys were coaching babybug to be assertive for the egg hunt. Girl Power!!!

Sorry about the wall. That would make me so mad--the last straw when you've already taken so much from these people. Good for you, getting your lawyer to go after them. Geesh!!!


ooogh, stupid construction! Never mind. We keep going in to our new house under renovation and finiding things like windows in the wrong places.

I love your egg baskets! And the origami paper is darling. So, of course, is one wee babybug, hot on the easter bunny's trail (a good, assertive girl!).


Looks like so much fun. I would love to make those baskets!

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