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Wednesday, April 19, 2006



Yay! Glad you got your goodies! DUDE the crayon roll got way wrinkled! It looked so much better with the crayons in it...ah well, glad they did NOT melt. 8-) And so sorry about all that construction fun. yuck.


Angela DOES have the packaging part down pat. And I love the crayon roll too!

And you're welcome -- I'm glad the chocolate didn't melt!


Score, double score! Those are the cutest little packages. Love the card, love the roll, you lucky girl. Good thing you got up.


Wow! How fun! I hope you enjoy!!!!

li li

You've got some lovely goodies! :D I can't find an email address to write to so I'm commenting here - I've caught the bug to read your blog everyday, it's an enjoyable "chore". ^_^

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