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Thursday, May 11, 2006



What a huge room who's a lucky Babybug!Luckily terrible twos are behind us now we are into fearless fours much more scary!!


I know what you mean about wanting me-time but not being able to tear yourself away. I do exactly that - want the time but can't bear to hand them over to anyone else -I'm too scared of missing anything exciting.


Her room is huge! We got rid of the crib about a year ago too. never used. I'm glad to hear from you. 8-) I completely understand what's going on. I'm in the same boat baby. 8-)
Window cranks: possible solutions: baby oil, rubbing a bar of soap anywhere you can, more WD40, a hammer.
and then- new windows if none of that works.


1 more: You could also try to take apart just the crank piece and oil all that....I don't know if they come apart but it might be worth a try.


You're back! Yeah! I missed you!

Egads, babybug's bedroom is HUGE.

As for the windows, have you tried cursing? I've found that a little cursing seems to help everything work properly.

And oh, the fabric. Fffffaaaaabriiiiic.


Glad you're back!

We have an old house, but wavy-glass windows, no wind-out windows. I would suggest WD-40, but you've already tried that. I like Angela's suggestions.

Alicia A.

Glad you're back! Her room- my goodness, it's huge! (Hi, little pantless cutie pie.)

Sorry, no suggestions on the window cranks. My mom and dad had some like that in their sunroom, but recently had them replaced. :(


I just have to repeat and say along with everyone else "OY!!! What a huge room!" Looks like it's about the size of our living room! Sorry, no advice about the windows. We had some like that in our old house and never did get them to work (not that I even tried).


I love your blog. Karen (one of your swap girls) is a friend of mine and told me about you and your wonderful bags so I just had to have a peek. They are great and well done you for make so many of them! My daughter has just moved into her big girl bed about 2 weeks ago and its an interesting experience - she's not too bad but getting her to stay in there is much harder work than the 'cot prison'! But it is so cute seeing them in a big bed isn't it?

Hope you do some swaps again soon! The bags and fabric are just lovely. :)

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