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Saturday, May 06, 2006



Lovely sofa - I think strawberry yogurt would coordinate very nicely with the brown! ;)


Leather was created for homes with small children!

I know what you mean about becoming better people. I met up with some school friends 15 years on and they were the same, just with all the rough edges polished off. Hope you had a good party.


Ooooohhh... snazzy new sofa. Looks like spilled yogurt will clean off it nicely.

Yes, I too am glad the high school days are over. And we do grow into better people, in my opinion.


The strawberry yogurt couch is very nice! I could use one of those in my living room.

Isn't it amazing how life changes the path you thought you were going to take? I know I would never have predicted being where I am now.


I hope your computer is better now. And yes, isn't it grand that we grow! Whew :)


haven't visited in a while.. love love love the bags and the t-shirt.. and congrats on the new couch.. I am sooo sorry I didn't buy leather! enjoy! :)

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