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Friday, May 12, 2006


Pink Rocket

Ugh! My serger took FOREVER for me to figure out how to get all those threads in the right place! I won't change the thread! Everything is getting white serged edges!! oh and I took the left needle out so that there was 1 less thread to worry about! good luck! the little picture on the machine was more useful to me than the book!


Oh yeah, facts and numbers and charts and all that tuff - it's enough to make my head spin. Jealous you have a serger though, been wanting one for forever.


Babybug's playdoh expression is hysterical. It is such fun - one of the things I could happily play with the kids all day.

And the serger - I am no help at all, but I think you are on the right track - you need a face to face driving lesson.


Eek! Sergers scare me. Now I know why.

Playdough is great. It keeps my son busy for long periods of time. We haven't used a babysitter yet but the hourly rates here are $7-10.


What's this "babysitter" thing you talk about? What? You can pay people to come watch your kids? How come no one's explained this to me before?!

I've never hired a babysitter for the boys -- not that I haven't wanted to, but because we couldn't afford it. And my last experience I was charging $4 for the first kid and $2 for each additional kid per hour. Somehow, I don't think that price structure would meet up to today's babysitter expectations. But if $40 a day equals an eight hour day, that breaks down to $5 an hour and I think that's under minimum wage.

And your serger instructions look fun. I love hard stuff. Because if I don't understand it in two minutes, I pass it all on to Aaron to make sense. There's a reason why I married an engineer.

Love babybug's squishy face. My kids miss playdoh -- did you know it's made with wheat?


Still scratching my head over the serger pic. I would get so frustrated with that. You gotta find someone to just show you how to use it. Then you'd have no prob.
Babybug is so adorable. I wanna kiss her. smoooooch!
Babysitter whaaaa? Got no advice there. I've never been away from the kiddo, ever. Not even in the shower. ?


Hey babybug- Etsy has been touch and go for me. I do it though, because it's cheap to list there. I seem to get a lot of views of my items, but slow sales. We'll see. Thanks for asking though.


Hope you had a happy mothers day! Love the photo. 5 dollars an hour sounds pretty good!

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