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Monday, June 12, 2006


Alicia A.

Hope you had a nice visit with your dad.

Good luck with the painting... I know the smell you're talking about. When we used oil based paint on the trim in our house and then the furnace came on- we smelled it.

Thrifting takes patience. The thing is, I'll go ten times before finding something good (cheap) and blog worthy.


Wow, your stainless steel is shiny. But two burners? JUST two burners? That's it? Yeah, the built in wok is cool, but just two burners? (Of course, I want six. Six burners, could you imagine? It would be like culinary orgasms everytime I walked into my kitchen. Oh, and two dishwashers, diiiiiishwaaaaaasherrrrrs. Wait a minute, who are we talking about here?)

Thrifting is tough here too. Granted, not as bad as I've heard it to be in Hawaii, but still pricer than what I see people post. And certainly not as cool either.


Old, but so shiny! I think your range is fab. People here pay a fortune for those wok-burner thingies. Glad the gas man found nothing sinister.

I'm with you on thrift shopping - all the charity shops here are getting crazily expensive. I have (slightly) better luck at car boot sales.


I love that stove! But gas would worry me too.

Thrifting here is slim pickings and expensive. I have tried several places and they all seem a bit much considering the price of new stuff. Better luck next time!


First off, what color are you painting the room? Secondly, I think that stove is awesome. I like stainless steel, restaurant style stuff though and the green paint isn't bad at all! The wok thing though...I wouldn't know what to do with it.
Sorry about the sucky thrifting. If you lived closer I'd buy stuff for you and send it! 8-) Better luck next time babe.


That would make a cute dress though!


I like your stove. The wok thing is really cool. I would probably be nervous, too, though with an older gas appliance. (and I laughed about the octopus suctions, because I was thinking the SAME thing!)

The thrift stores in my part of Maryland aren't very cheap either. At least not like they used to be. I think everyone is trying to make as much as they can.

cool pattern. hope it has all its pieces so we can see it soon!


What a cute retro pattern. And what a stove! Beautiful!


What an incredible stove...I've never seen anything like it! I'm nervous with gas, too. I remember visiting my grandmother in England as a young child and she would light her stove with a rolled piece of newspaper, telling me that she doesn't know how people can use electric stoves, as they scare her half to death.
Our local Salvation Army thrift store has cottoned onto the word "vintage" and prices have soared for items they deem worthy of that moniker. Things that were pennies only a few months ago are now priced with a $ sign. A sign of the times, I guess.

le chat qui coud

Oh wat a pitty for your pattern... the dress look like pretty!


OH you could have so much fun with that pattern. It's really simple in design so you could add loads of stuff to it. Can't wait to see your creation! That cooker is huge!!! I bet that was expensive. Proffessional chefs across the country will be stunned!! and jealous!

Kitty Kitty

OK I am with your cousin.... I am so jealous of your wok eye. I have the wok attachment for my Viking stove, but it just doesn't get hot enough.

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