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Thursday, June 15, 2006



well, it's okay if showers are pretty girly - they're for the mom, after all. (at least that's how i'd feel if i'd HAD a shower for any of my 3 kids... sigh)

you can't go wrong with fresh flowers. martha stewart weddings had a cool floral arrangement with a small bucket or spray-painted can for a vase.
here's the url for that - i really like the stencil on the bucket - you could write 'baby' or something on it maybe?

i think i would just pick a color (spring green?) and go with it - table square (gingham?), sprinkles on pretty cupcakes, napkin rings (ribbon?). a pretty garland would be nice. i'm sure whatever you do will be great!

Alicia A.

The little shirts will be adorable!

My only advice for the shower would be to keep it simple. (Or email Sally.)


Oh I need to talk to you - I'm having a baby shower for my Dutch neighbour and we don't usually have them in the UK so I need help! Plus the baby's sex is a mystery.
I'm really looking forward to it though - LOVE party planning.


I love having parties. I love planning parties. I just don't like cleaning up for parties.

So is it something you want to make from scratch or get prepurchased? Does she have a theme for the baby's room? Cute animals always go over well, in my opinion. Or you could choose a color, like blue, and use all ranges of the spectrim -- oh! oh! How about all sorts of blue and birds and bugs? That would be really cute!


so you are "finishing what you have" AND showing "works in progress" at the same time! good for you!

we've hosted 2 baby showers in the past few months. for one we made cute individual cakes for everyone and put them on three-tiered cake stands and decorated with votive candles everywhere (on food table, buffet, end tables, bathroom, etc.) on one we had a brunch and fixed brunchy foods -- yummy!


Those are so neat, I really like the polka dot ones!


It has too be retro cowboys and indians very cath kidston. Those little waistcoats are so cool!

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