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Saturday, July 15, 2006



Very pretty bowls. I didn't take part in the vintage button swap either, because I go so hung up on the definition of vintage - old? really old? 70's ?


Isn't Project Runway the best? It is highly addictive and so inspiring. And I agree, if you're going to be conceited, you better have the talent to back it up! =) I am in love with your scalloped bowls, they are so pretty and delicate! And stretching fabric over canvas is my favorite way to spruce up a room.


Pretty bowls!

I was going to do the button swap, ::looking at foot:: but that's not really an option right now.

And I didn't know what classified as "vintage" either, plus I have no clue where to find the old ones still on their old packaging.


I love the bowls... I haven't seen them before.


your bowls are "a dipping set" The big bowl was holding the cut vegetables and the smal one wired to the big one holds the dip cream.I have never seen your bowls before

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