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Monday, July 10, 2006



Tasha: GREAT job on the tissue holders. What a great favor idea...practical, but cute! Oh, I love a nice tea party...how fun! And your house looks very similar to mine...neutral colors, minimalist [aka "too lazy to decorate"]. I love the chairs, remind me of my dad's old office chairs.


glad to see you back! so glad the shower went well - the tissue holders were a great idea!


lovely tissue holders. the blue theme worked out so well. what a nice treat for all your guests.

Alicia A.

Welcome back, Tasha. I've missed you. The tissue holders are great, as is your home. I love the color (or lack of color.) It's just right!


Good, you're back - I've been suffering withdrawl symptoms.

The tissue holders were FAB and your Dad was right - the menu does sound very genteel and ladylike.

I always have a complete crisis of confidence about my home decor when I am having a crowd of people over, but I think your dining room has a really cool 50's inspired vibe.


I'm so happy you're back. I kept checking! (I was going to leave a comment even if you didn't have a new post yet!)

Those tissue holders are cute. I just sewed 2 a few minutes ago, but I used a lining fabric and the interfacing on the exterior. I love your colors. Very nice!

Meegan Blue

Such a great idea for a party favor...and I think your house looks fantastic!!


Really great photos!
I am so sorry your parcel from me is so late!I haven't forgotten honestly and this post has given me an idea!

le chat qui coud

great! You'r home is very nice.....


1. I love the baby shower. It sounds awesome, and the tissue holders were the perfect little gift for everyone.

2. Love your table and chairs (and the white bowl on the table). They are very funky and have great lines for your house.

3. Love the wall color with the color of your ceiling. It looks really great.

4. Considering how your house is with the tall ceilings, if you want to add some color I think you should get some really big canvases and paint them or cover them with fabric. It could bring in lots of color, be changeable and not overwhelm the airyness and loftiness of your home.

5. I really, really missed you. Does this mean your "back"?


Hey, It's a post from YOU! Hi!
The tissue holders look so great and the party sounds perfect.
I think your home looks really beautiful and CLEAN!
* I've found pulling furniture from off the walls can really change a space. You know, just pull the couches/chairs a few feet from the walls or whatever. I think your colors are nice and calm and a bit classy too!


WOW! Your living room / dining room looks great. I LOVE your dining table what a super family heirloom.


Welcome back! The favors were a great idea! You have done a lot of work while you were gone.


Oh, adorable! I especially love the fabric of the tissue holder second row, center. So jealous of your talent! :D

li li

I love the tissue holders, so beautiful!

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