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Tuesday, September 12, 2006



Isn't it true that men have exaggerated opinions about our hair?! Almost every man I know prefers long hair.

I wish I had straight hair, I would love any of those haircuts.


I know what you mean my hubby is always very opinionated about my hairstyle too.I love that long haired look too but after the photo you posted of yourself I think you look lovely as you are :)


yeah, they need more mags for curly-tops! i'm kinda stuck in a style - but i don't have much choice... those cuts are so so cute! i'll have to try not to think about them...


Aaron does. not. shut. up. about. my. hair. The man drives me crazy.

And I'm the same way -- the hair has to be able to be pulled up, out of the face, and out of the way. I don't care if it makes me fugly or not.

All those haircuts are cute! I really like the last one on the second photo -- kinda long, kinda short (but unlike to get pulled up. darn!).


Ooh to have lovely straight hair, not an unruly mop. No matter how I cut my hair, it always reverts to looking exactly the same (apart from when I was 18 and shaved my head - my mother cried). I'm not recommending that as an option btw - just in case you were tempted:-)


i LOVE, LOVE, LOVE those short hairdos. i almost always have short hair. until now. and it drives me buggy. i'm itching to cut it, but my husband has been bugging me to let it grow since i cut if off 3 months after we were married!

those styles are so adorable! aahhhhh. i can only wish.


Right now i have long curly hair and I think is easier to fixed in the morning, i had short hair for a few times and i had to use the hairdryer every morning....definitely i prefer long hair

Kitty Kitty

I must agree... having long hair I can wash and condition in 5 minutes in the morning, brush out the tangles in another 3 and be out the door in 4. When I had short hair it took me 45 minutes for me to be comfortable to leave the house. 7min vs 45, I think I will keep my long hair even if it is kindof boring.

I like the cut on the left as well, but men will be men.


love those short dos.

I am similar - grow my hair long(ish) then get bored with it and have it cut short then get bored again and decide to grow it and so the cycle goes on and on and on.... At the moment I have a bob my idea of a compromise.


I've got a hair appointment next tuesday so I think I'll have my hair cut into a bob, like the first pictures.


so true! i just got my hair cut this mornig! guess what? too short, he said.

Lazy Cow

I love the short hair pics but have never dared venture into that territory. A chin length bob is as daring as I've gotten, and that was enough of a pain to maintain.
Thanks for visiting my blog!

le chat qui coud

lovely hair cut!

my man say always somethings when i change of haircut!
But he never change, he can't understand a woman!!! lol

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