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Friday, September 08, 2006


le chat qui coud

I see below a great party!
Your litle girl is always so cute!!!


It looks really great!


I've been contemplating this bag since last year. I love the shaping but the handles do leave a lot to be desired. Maybe it is meant to be a garden party type purse where you don't carry very much. Yours turned out great though!


cute bag! but the handles do seem to be a bit out of proportion to the bag. hmmmm...


So lovely! From which book did this pattern come? If you know the isbn number I could order it. :-)


cute bag.

did you just use bias tape for the handle? i tried that before and thought it was flimsy, too.


I love it!


I love bags with this kind of shape! The handles seem like a good idea in theory...


The bag looks lovely, but I would also be a little afraid that the handles would tear...
And of course women (and mothers in particular) do need to be able to stuff their bags to the brim :))

Alicia A.

Hi Tasha! I haven't checked in in awhile. This bag is so cute! I don't think the proportions are too bad...

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