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Saturday, September 02, 2006



1-I hope the ultrasound goes well
2-Happy Birthday (I think Babybug?)
3-What wonderful party favors! And the theme is beautiful too!! I hope everyone has a good time!
4-I can't wait to see the new crafts you've got planned.
5-It's nice to see you back!!


Happy party weekend you guys, and I have a little of at least one of those Ikea fabrics that might just make it into your parcel ;-)


Glad you're back, the party favors look great, and take a deep breath... lol. ;)


babybug's party looks awesome - can't wait to see more! glad you're back!


Welcome back! What wonderful party bags! My daughters 3rd birthday is coming up this month and I had grand ideas which I think I am gonna have to forget - I am 30wks pregnant and totally whacked! Good luck with it all :)


Oh, I've been meaning to email to see how you were doing. Hoping for good news after your ultrasound. Sometimes two boys are better than one [when they're playing nicely together that is]. I have those same sakura bags...love them. And the party favors look great...lucky guests. Lastly, I'll be heading down to CA in a few weeks and visiting Ikea, so I'll pick up some fabric for you if they have it in stock.


Glad you are back and so glad that you sound less worried!
Hope that the party goes well and that you get to enjoy it!
Believe me a few kids are much easier to occupy than just one!


OMG, I *totally* love the cherry blossom theme.

And, wow, I've got to get to Ikea (closest is in Chicago), that fabric is cheap! I love cheap!

Glad to hear you are alive ::cough:: I've been missing you a lot! I love your posts.


I'm glad to see you back - you've been missed!

Oh boy, I don't know how any mama can do it without their husband around. I go a bit crazy if mine is home late from work!

I'm in love with Ikea fabrics too, but there isn't one anywhere near me. Oh, how I wish a store was near.

Happy birthday Babybug! Your party sounds like it's going to be fabulous.

And last but not least, lots of good wishes for your ultrasound


Babybug's birthday theme is awesome. I love how you have it all tied together.


Holy smokes! That's going to be some party! I LOVE the theme and all the goodies! WOW! Keely's party tomorrow is looking quite lame in comparison. sigh. I'm glad they moved your ultrasound date up! I'm hoping you get good news. Please keep us updated and I hope the party goes beautifully.

li li

Everything will be fine for you! And Happy Birthday, babybug! :D


Your cherry blossom theme is just adorable - love it! And I really hope everything went well for you with the ultrasound, and that you don't have to have that "other" test. Best wishes.


What an amazing party this is going to be. You've put so much effort into it !! But she is a very special baby bug after all. Hope all is well medically soon.

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