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Thursday, September 07, 2006



Now I know where Babybug gets her gorgeous good looks from!!
I'm glad a wonderful time was had by all!!


Looks like Babybug had a wonderful birthday party! And you look like a college friend--very pretty!

Love the Japanese bag too...I've been wanting to make a bag like that...love the pleats!


The party looks great and you are beautiful! Thanks for finally revealing yourself! I'm always surprised to see bloggers faces. Babybug is cute as every. Happy Birthday cutie pie!
(I have heard about the milk hormone stuff, but I don't know if it's true or not???) Keely drinks mostly soy milk.


1 - love the bag - would love to know where to get that pattern.
2 - party looks great - babybug's dress is cute!
3 - i know what you mean about blogger's faces - cute picture!
4 - yes i've heard that about milk. we tried organic milk from a local dairy - but i thought it tasted funny. costco carries some organic milk but i think they only have 2%, and i want skim. it's yummy, though!
5 - all done! happy day to you!


The party looks like it was a lot of fun! Babybug was cute as ever and you look pretty much the way I pictured you.

We switched to organic milk for the 'what if' factor. There are so many hormones used in meat and dairy now that I wasn't really sure if it was safe and I wasn't able to find reassurance. I think it is an individual decision.


You looked about the way I imagined - adorable! Also adorable is that Japanese bag. Very nice.


Gorgeous, both you and babybug! Looks like everyone had a great time at the party. Happy 2nd Birthday babybug. :)


Surprised to see you--but not surprised at how absolutely stunning you look! Love the bag, and the party looks like it was a ton of fun. :)


Yay for a great party!! I wish I had been there. Happy birthday big girl babybug!!

And yes, hormones in milk. But also in beef and pork. Hormones are given to lots of animals to help keep them healthy and make them grow heavy (to make more money per animal). You can't simply say "Don't give a child milk to avoid hormones." you would have to cut out other products too.....

Anyway, everyone thinks their own things regardless.

Good luck with the rest of the tests and glad to hear the bug is doing so very well.



Bag is fab, party sounds great and you look quite as I imagined you - going from babybug, you had to be very pretty! Hope you are feeling well - try not to worry.


you are seriously too cute! gah, i knew you'd be pretty, but geesh. shame to death why don't ya.

happy birthday to sweet miss babybug!

(and your friend isn't telling silly stories. between hormones and antibiotics all dairy and meats can be very scary if you don't get the right stuff.)


Babybug's party looks fun, and I'm not one bit surprised you're pretty because that little one is just so cute!

We drink organic milk - the reason I swapped was not the hormones, but the fact that it produces much less mucus (ewww - sorry, nasty topic) in the children. Mine have been noticably less snotty since I changed. But it's really easy to find here in the UK and not much more expensive.


Hormones in milk - not sure what the labelling laws/regulations are over there, but it's definately not outside the realm of possibility. Alot of people get angsty about eating chicken for the same reason.

Anyhow, try Organic milk - it seriously tastes much more yummy. We get it in regular and trim (2% fat) down here in Oz, in most supermarkets nowdays.


happy birthday, babybug! looks like the party was a success.

my friend recently did a lot of research on milk. she was having a lot of adult acne and switched to organic milk to see if it helped her. it didn't. there are still hormones in organic milk because, well, cows making milk are lactating and therefore producing hormones. she completely stopped drinking milk and her acne cleared up. (then she went back and broke out again. now she's off it again...)


First, i love the bag
Second, Babybug and you both lovely
Third, about the milk here in Spain most of the children they drink regular milk and they are very healthy, mediterranen diet. I don't know maybe you can try organic milk and see if it's better for Babybug.
See you, i will try to translete my blog from now on so you can read it, thanks for visiting.

li li

Pretty mum & daughter!! ^o^


I started on organic milk when I was pregnant and have continued giving it to Phiona for that exact same reason. Then someone pointed out to me that we would have to buy organic chicken, beef, etc. as well to avoid hormones. I am just doing what I can and since it is easy to get organic milk, I buy it. At the very least it is better for you, right?
I was not surprised by your photo, but did think that you looked sleeker, more sophisticated and stylish and even cuter than I had imagined.


Wow, it looks like a fabulous party! You and babybug are gorgeous!!!


Happy birthday to a beautiful little girl -- and hello to a beautiful mom!

I'll chime in that we always drink organic milk and do what we can to avoid the hormones/antibiotics in other dairy products and meats as well. We aren't perfect, but Bea drinks a lot of milk too so it is at least reducing her exposure. It's worth it to us.


You're both gorgeous!

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