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Sunday, September 17, 2006



Georgie still loves his. We take it down from the top of his armoire often. :)


tasha - those are so cool! i would love one - but i have no idea where i would put it - let me mull it over! (if people don't take these then they are crazy).


Ooo, I'd love one! I have a bowl of seashells and a picture of the kids at the beach that one of those would look perfect with.


Cool sea urchin shells! How much would shipping cost? I still have some cash in my paypal account to play with.


Dinner with girlfriends? I'm so totally jealous right now.


i've never seen those sea urchin shells before. very interesting!


Oh, I would love some [any/all] of those sea urchin shells!


I remember seeing in a Martha Stewart magazine shells turned into candles I am sure you could use the same process for the urchin shells. Here's a link:



I have some of those sea urchins and I love them. The paterns of the little dots are amazing. I read back through some of your posts and the birthday party looked magical- what a great idea for a theme. I also wanted to let you know that I have had a colonoscopy and I promise you the worst part about it is the two days prior where you can't eat anything and you have to drink this stuff that will make you cleaner in there than you ever thought you wanted to be! I don't remember any of the colonoscopy because of the drugs they use. I think a lot of people had a lot of good things to say about the possibility of food allergies and I think thats a good road to explore. While I think its good they don't seem so alarmed that they want to get you in right away, it does seem an awful long time to wait. Best wishes for a really smooth day on October 31.

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