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Thursday, October 19, 2006



will think about it - love the square-ish fabric!


congrats to hubby for promotion!!!

i love, love, love those fabrics, too!

i don't have any ideas (yet) for you, but let me think about it. you aren't giving us much time! :-)


Lifesavers? Or an inflatable pool toy for each family? Or goldfish crackers?

Your Dad is a good shopper.


i like the lifesavers idea - and the caramel popcorn. that's cute and fall-ish (even in hawaii). i also thought of maybe getting bakery cookies and putting them in cellphane bags - with or without something cheesy on it - 'smart cookie' comes to mind... what about something halloween-y? wax teeth?


i have a fever, so my brain isn't functioning, but i like the cookie idea.


I like the candy popcorn idea, my friend did those galvanized buckets with May's almond clusters and chocolate dipped wafers (might have been from Kona candies)with some other stuff but that sounds a bit pricey if you have a lot of families to give to.

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