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Friday, October 06, 2006



What a cool chick in her shades! Love your fabric buttons.


title... buttons, blooms, and back from gwandma's? :)

glad babybug had a good time - when i went to pick up my kids from grandma's thomas said "No, mom, go way!" I'm glad they have a place to go where they are so comfortable (and loved!).


She looks so cool and relaxed in her stroller and Jackie O shades! That's the life.

Also - adorable buttons!


Zane still hams it up for the photo ops. I know my days are numbered. Gorgeous buttons. Will you post a tutorial?


Lovely buttons. Darwin saw them and started screaming, "Apple! Apple! Aaaaaaa-pah-llllllll!"

Babybug still looks like a ham to me. Can't believe she's two, considering how much she talks!


Super cute buttons. So glad you enjoyed your little break. Love the shot of babybug in her cool shades!


I just got up, and the picture of those buttons certainly woke me up, they are adorable.

Nothing like breakfast at mcdonalds!!

Don't kids just love water, she looks like she's having so much fun.


i have a hard time coming up with titles too-here's a tip, write your blog then reread it and whatever pops out at you then title that your post
with a shirt like that i'd be wearing it around town too!!
lovely pics as always! can't wait to see the dress!!


Oh I just love those buttons. Baby is one lucky girl I wish I looked so good in shades.


Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, i love those buttons, you could tell me how to make them???????
Baby bug preetty as usuali


Those fabric buttons are too cute, but not as cute as Babybug in those sunglasses. Precious!


love the 'jackie O' glasses!!

And those buttons are amazing.. I'm trying to make some too for some project of mine.. do you have a special machine? do you buy them 'plain' and cover them yourself? I'd love your help!


love the buttons, they are so cute (also love the sunglasses, very cool)!


lovely buttons, so as your little babybug. she's so lucky to have a wonderfull mom who made cute dresses for her!

le chat qui coud

but i see french on your paper??????


Love those buttons.

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