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Monday, October 09, 2006



Oh geesh, I wonder what happened? I've always been torn about this, whether to inculde the kids or now, but I obviously decided to include my kids. It is scary to think of what can happen.


i tend to turn a blind eye to the world's ignorance, my own included. i share my pictures of my son naively thinking nothing bad will happen. it's only pictures. i'm not too worried about it, if i saw something in bad taste that involved my son then i'd think twice about sharing them anymore, so far so good.


I know, I'm really sad for Stephanie. I need to think about this some more. I would hate to omit photographs of the boys, but knowing the potential danger out there makes me concerned.


Everyone is talking about potential dangers but what are they?I do worry about whether my children are at risk by me posting their photos but I am very ignorant of what the dangers actually are.


i think when we blog we can make it easier for a predator to find our children. many show pictures, tell cute stories, and give locations. i decided from the start to not show faces or give real names and i feel good about that decision. stephanie's blog is coming up password protected for me, not gone. did something actually happen with her?


I just wonder why seeing my boys on my blog is any more risky than hearing me call their names in a playground? I try not to post any pictures that could be misused in any yukky way. What more do I need to do to protect them? It seems to me that the strange neighbour is more of a threat than someone observing them from a terminal miles away. But maybe I am wrong - I'm open to enlightenment.
I do wish Stephanie had been in a position to be a bit more open about her experience, so we might all understand the dangers and take action against them.


I usually post pictures of my son. I'm more concerned about the predators in my neighborhood than the ones trying to use my sons photos - as crappy as they usually are - for their enjoyment. I don't pretend it doesn't happen, but I also don't wish to make someone elses actions my prison cell. Just my two cents.


I have to say that I love seeing everyone's kids photos but have never shared any of mine (any that you could actually see them) I also keep my kids's names private because for every 50 of the wonderfully warm and kind people I encounter through my blog, there is bound to be a freak or two. My Dad raised us to be pretty paranoid, which has its positives and negatives, but I feel very Mama Bear about my little ones.


That's a post today! I never came here before. I saw your message at Mayfly, which is one of the blogs I visit some times. I had a negative experience and beware with people that get close to you. Those that you don't know. There are envy people that can stalk us for what we post in our blogs. I know, it's paranoid maybe,but reality. I think I am going to post about this too. Anything you write, search engines will catch up and that's the danger. Telling names, locations, etc. If you tell the city and some how you show a picture of some known location in that city, will give the clues. We never know. I had stalkers. I still have one and I decided to take family photos down. I will show feet, hands, but never front face of our family. I live in a really small village and I don't wanna take the risk. Now I have a nick name and I live in the southwest of USA. No more info.
Good luck!


Though it's sometimes hard to discern the difference when we're feeling scared there is indeed a difference between possibility and probability. Is is possible that something negative could come of posting photographs of our children online? Yes. Is it probable that something negative will happen because we've chosen to do so? I think that statistically speaking, as Ali alluded to, a bigger threat exists in our real lives and the chances of someone we know harming our children are far greater than the chances of someone we've never met harming our children. I'm not saying that those bloggers who've been made more uncomfortable at the notion of sharing aspects of their personal lives online shouldn't alter the way that they opperate. On the contrary, I think folks should follow their instincts and do what makes them feel safest. But I think it's important to realize that Stephanie's experience, whatever it may have been, does't make the internet any less safe than it was before.


Oh please. Considering how I talk about my boys, no one would be stupid enough to try to kidnap them. No. One. No one could possibly be *that* stupid.

Of course, that's a part of why I write the way I do... to prevent the psychos from wanting my life.

And I never use our real last name. And we'd be fairly hard to find without it.


I don't have kids - so while it's important to me to keep things private, I don't have that mama perspective. However, think about Dooce's blog - her readers know her full name, her husband's full name, AND her daughter's, and where they live (in addition to family photos, I believe she's even posted pictures of her house). She's very savvy - but I'd never think of being that open.

You're careful. I only learned your first name through an email; your husband and Babybug remain anonymous. You've said you live in Hawaii, but not much more than that. I don't think you should change a thing - just continue being careful.


yes it is very scary! but i chose how i put my kid's on my blog and i try to think positive!


I think there are so many people on the internet now that the likelihood of a personal experience is reducing statistically. Like you, I remain vague about my husband and my son... I think that is enough. It is much better to spend your time being aware of safety in real life context, that is where the real dangers lay.

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