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Thursday, October 05, 2006



Such cuteness - you appreciate them all the more for having a little time away!


She is just such a cutie. Nice to have a rest though and a good nights sleep!


what a timely post! i just sat down at the computer - at a loss as to what to do - my mom just took my kids for an overnight! eek! i have an hour to myself before i go get my husband for a night out!


Proof those little demons aren't 100 percent bad.


This post made me laugh. I used to buy all these cute dog toys for our dog before we had children. Now, he's lucky if he gets a dog bone [literally!]. It's amazing how many hours of our day are filled with activities centered around our children. Its nice to have some "alone" time once in awhile. Enjoy!


What a cute little monster you have! And that pumpkin pie looks delish. :)


Sometimes i need my mon taking my kid overnight i miss so much being with my husband talking, going to the cinema....but also when this happens you are all the time thinking what's my kid doing right now??

le chat qui coud

you miss her i can understand that!!!!! i would be lost without my daugthers!
Mmmm i've never eat a pumpkin pie.... it's seems to be good!


If, and that is a big if, my husband and I have time by ourselves we seem to end up talking about our little guy! I crave a bit of peace and quiet but when I get it I miss the happy chaos.

Also thank you for your lovely comment about the knitting needle roll.


Ahhh, there's nothing like a little child-free time to make us want our little children back with us! The pumpkin pie looks delicious too. Babybug is blue is beautiful!


it's the moments away from our wee ones that makes us appreciate them so much more!



What is they say about absence and the heart? :-) I took a weekend away and missed my little guy like crazy. Love it when I tickle him, stop, and he says "tickle me again, mama!"

We're lucky that he goes to bed quite early (7:30pm) so hubby and I have lovely evenings together. The downside is when he wakes at 5:30am!!

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