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Tuesday, December 19, 2006



have you thought to call (or have husband call) stupid willy and tell him you can't make it in, but could he mail you the paperwork?
i hate situations like that - esp. when you later think 'oh! i should have said...'

(and no way, you can't see my honolulu pictures! they're awful :)


when we refinanced our house a year and half ago, we decided to do it through the bank that aaron's stepdad works at.

we needed to cash out some money to pay some of darwin's medical bills.

anyway, the sales guy took it upon himself to call aaron's mom and tell her our complete financial situation (because we don't tell that stuff to nobody), how much debt we had, where it was, how much we got cashed out, etc.

i was, and still am, SO PISSED OFF about that situation.

just more proof that my in-laws are psycho.


you know, i would certainly question willy's motive. was he trying to actually give you a policy? i'm sure (for your purposes) he did not need all that info on you and husband.

years ago we had a telemarketer call and try to get us to get a credit card or loan or something (I can't remember), anyway they started asking general questions and then got financially personal, even asking for soc sec #'s. i was not interested and told them so. when they asked for ss# and i questioned it, they said they wanted to run a credit report! AND WE WEREN'T EVEN INTERESTED!! i ended the call abruptly. sometimes you have to be rude and abrupt right back so they get the point!!!

(oh, and cute applique, by the way!)


Sorry about the bad experience with Willy. He certainly gives a bad rap to insurance salespeople. I can't believe all the personal questions he asked you. I wonder if he would have asked your husband those same questions [sometimes I feel like we're more likely to be taken advantage of as women].

I saw those rhinestones the other day at the fabric store, but I guess I have no use for them, seeing I have two boys. =) Love that fabric...too cute.


Ugh! That sounds like our former agent. Once when we were trying to get a claim processed, he kept giving us excuse after excuse. During the middle of one where he was telling me that the paperwork still hadn't been processed because his assistant's boyfriend had beaten her up, he said, "by the way, what kind of life insurance coverage do you have?"

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