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Wednesday, January 10, 2007


Alicia A.

You wiped the dog's butt? Now that's love. :)

Good luck with your resolutions!


I love the curtains! I need to work on some resolutions as well. You #2 and #3 definitely belong on my list.


i think that buying less 'stuff' is totally admirable - we're working on that, too. actually, having a fabric stash is helping me with that one, as i feel like i have enough to make gifts and things.

and i love the curtains - is that a decorative stitch between panels?


yes...definitely #2 & #3 -- though now that i have a girl it's so hard not to buy that cute girley stuff for her...


you wiped your dog's butt? poor thing.



Amen to your resolutions! =)

Yes, our dog used to be my "baby" before we had children. Poor guy.

And CUTE curtains!


me? ME????? really? Yipee!!! I never win anything!!!!!

beautiful butterfly photos. the colors are so vibrant. and loving the curtains. great job.


Those butterflies are so amazing! I never get tired of seeing them “hatch”. We used to get lots in FL.
I also love the curtains! Good luck with your list!


You are so lucky with all your butterflies to watch. I put "buy less stuff" on my list too. Specifically fabric and yarn and the like. I have , so far, done so extremely poorly on that one. But I love what I bought so I am having a hard time feeling any regret! Darn that Repro Depot and all of their lovely fabric!


I love those curtains - the fabric is wonderful.


Beautiful photos of the butterflies, my children are enjoying them greatly! Thanks for sharing. Also love the curtains!


Wonderful curtains!
Did you sew several pieces of fabric together...great idea!

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