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Thursday, January 18, 2007



That's such a wonderful thing to still have. And N is sure to ace her interview in a dress made from that.


wow! did you have some that were already colored or did your dad do that? that is so cool.


must. find. that. book.

Alicia A.

That's so cool to have. I like how it's a little worn- It's perfect that way.


how cool that you were able to find that treasure. i love the story that your father put it on posterboard. it must make a good memory.




oh this is so lovely!
i know those cute children books! i still read it to my kid's... in french of course ;) but i cant find them any more in old book store... i'm looking for the numbers one.

i'm surprise for the interwiew thing! very odd! in france thez don't even ask to see the child.


Oh my gosh I totally had this and until now I'd forgotten all about it. NEATO! Wish I knew where mine was.

Janice De Paula

Hi, repotdepot.com has the Lotus Wall Flower in cherry, in case you're still interested.
I love your blog!


Oh my goodness, what a treasure to behold - I was particularly fond of Lowly Worm - not too sure why, I just thought he was cute!!


I didn't see any other way to contact you- so here's a question for you. I'm coming to Honolulu this week and I was wondering if you know anywhere to buy Japanese sewing books/ zakka stuff? Or cool fabrics?




Oh man I used to LOVE Richard Scarry (unfortunate name for the industry he was in) and I actually had a "Busytown" game I LOVED.


Totally jealous! This is wonderful...


AB fabrics and RS books are both great things to have in your life. I'm glad you were able to find your old book!


Richard Scary was one of my favourite too... I had in Italian though... must dig all the books up when I go back home next!


I love the book decor! Very imaginative!

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