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Wednesday, January 17, 2007



cuttlefish, really? sometimes I feel like gagging in marukai, fish smell is one of the few smells that I can't stand!
that tofu looks yummy, though!


you scream when you get blood drawn?


I'm awful when it comes to getting my blood drawn too. Really, really dread it. And it never helps that my veins are always hard to find.

I kinda like the smell of cuttlefish too!


ick! fish smell!


I love that fishy smell... maybe because I like fishing. That dish sounds so simple and looks yummy.


i use lots of TP too. my husband gets mad when i do - haha!
i had gestational diabetes when i was pregnant both times and i had to get my blood drawn a lot...i hated it!


i love salty, too.

when i was pregnant, i could not stand the SMELL of money (paper money, not coins). it would make me gag. especially new money.

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