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Sunday, February 25, 2007



i think i can understand how you feel about the house and it's not stupid. i can imagine it, although being a military brat i don't feel that way. when you've lived in ...how many, 12? houses growing up they don't have the same sentimental value.


i'm such a dork. i never want to leave my house, don't want to knock it down. just want to fix it and make it all nice.

our house has been so happy since we moved in.

houses *totally* have feelings.


I get sad seeing houses knocked down too, I love those old houses in Manoa and Kaimuki, the ones that look kind of small but have wonderful porches and rounded entries, they have such personality. I hate when people don't realize how cute their house is and then add non-matching extenstions and use those cute porches for storage area...oh good grief - sorry for rambling!
babybug is too cute, chi chi balls!


Houses hold a lot of memories and I can see feeling sad at seeing one brought to the ground. I know that if we ever sell this house I never want to come back to see what the next person does to it... even only two years has stored plenty.


Hello! I just found you this moment, and as the admissions director at a pre- and elementary school, I wanted to comment on your child's "preschool interview" that you mentioned. I hope that it was a very low-key affair, designed to gauge your child's readiness for school and NOT to assess any academic qualities, etc. It should have been designed to gauge the fit between your child, your child's needs, and the school's ability to provide a program to meet those needs. That's the only decent thing any pre-school screening should be about. Beware if it felt like more than that, or ask a lot of questions of the school about why they did what they did, etc. Good luck -- the whole going to school thing is such an exciting time!

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