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Saturday, March 31, 2007



awwwww...poor babybug!!! at least that big smile on her face means she is a lot better! what a sweetie!

Rebecca F.

Wow. I had to look up intussusception because I had never heard of it. Even if it isn't rare, you must have been so worried.

I'm so glad she is feeling better!



What an awful story... glad you're all home now! Hope she feels much better already!


I've never heard of it but will definately look it up now.Glad she feels better now. xxx


By looking at her big smiles, you would never know that Babybug has been so sick.

Thank goodness for your cousin! Glad everything is starting to get better for you.


i'm so, so glad you took her to the er and they found the problem. that is so very scary.

i hope everyone is doing well and comes home and relaxes.


Oh I'm glad N is home now. What a trooper!

Meegan Blue

Oh my goodness! I had to look up intussusception too, I'd neve heard of it before. I'm so, so, so glad she's doing better. Please don't forget to take care of yourself...you must be exhausted.


Wow, I've been reading your blog for a while and just wanted to let you know my daughter had the same thing almost exactly a year ago! I had never even heard of it before. We were also lucky enough to have it corrected with an enema. I remember how scary it was and I really feel for you. I remember those weird crib cages all too well. Here's a link to my post about our daughter.


Angel Jem

Hope it's all sorted & normal service will be resumed.. she looks so lovely & smily when she's well!


My gosh, what a horrible experience!


oh no! I'm glad she's feeling better. I've never heard of that, what an ordeal!


Holy Cow! How stressful. So glad (1) that they figured it out and (2) that she's feeling better.


i know the stress that you've been through...i hope babybuy gets back to feeling 100%.


Found your site while browsing around. Thank you for sharing your post about your daughter's experience... I really appreciate that you shared the link to 'intussusception,' so we can know the warning signs. I look forward to reading more babybug posts, as I have a two year old girl bug too. Good health to you.



This is awful! But how lucky you are to have a cousin in the ER!? I'm so glad you got to go home and I hope she is all better now.
Big hugs to you all.


Poor babybug! The ER docs suspected my son of having intussusception when he was about 2. It turned out in our case that he was very, very, very constipated. BTW, it took 6 drs and 6 hours to diagnose him for constipation which is what I had suspected from the beginning. I'm glad you caught it early so that she didn't have to have surgery. And she looks so cheerful in her hospital bed despite the trauma... young children are so resilient.


poor kid. my son has to have an eeg and a cat scan- which are way less invasive- and i'm a little freaked out.

I've linked to your blog from mine because I think your posts are really interesting- I hope you don't mind.


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