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Friday, March 09, 2007



Love the fabrics! Did you order that directly from the manufacturer? I went to a fabric show a couple of weeks ago and couldn't decide what to order. It gave me a headache looking at hundreds of samples. Cute dress!


ocassionaly i have a hankering for chili dogs. and hamburgers. and french bread. and chinese food. and take out pizza. and...


Yumminess all around - the fabric, the dress, and the food!!


I'm in love with that fruit fabric, and a bolt!! I've never purchased a bolt - it sounds very grown up.


That fabric is amazing I love the apples.A whole bolt now lucky you!


That dress is so cute! I keep seeing this fruit fabric popping up. Makes me wish I had a little girl to sew for. Oh well maybe one day.

Now you have me craving a Chicago Dog. Yummmy!


wow - you buy fabric by the bolt?
i remember my mom saying when we were there that there weren't good fabric stores there. is that why?
(the dress is so cute!)


where did you get fabric by the bolt like that?

the dress is very cute.


Beanless - as chili is meant to be. :-) I have a sudden hankering for this with some fritos!


Actual BOLTS of fabric...very impressive! The dress is super cute!


love that pear fabric, that dress is too cute! I wish my girl would wear dresses - she's loves her jeans and t-shirts...


Sweet dress...and you already know I love the fabric!!!


do you resell your unused bolts of fabric? I've been trying to get my hands on that apple print by Alexander Henry for a while now but haven't been very successful.

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