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Monday, March 05, 2007



Very gradually dancing the potty mambo here too. Hooray for small victories.

And that fabric with the ladybird on is just too sweet.

Alicia A.

Potty training two little beings at once- you are adventurous!


we got the potty out for darwin, who pretended he was driving a car with it and freaked out for a diaper when he was ready to pee.

yeah, it's gonna be awhile.

now, running through my head is... "there's a potty over here, a potty over there, wave you hands in the air shake your derriere..."

Renee Alam

I love the fabric!I also love the idea of making matching dresses.Maybe you can make babybug a little smock or if you have enough left over,a matching tote for her to carry her dolls & books in.Too cute!I enjoy reading your blog!


Hooray for Babybug + Snuggles. I found the no pressure + rewards to be the best way to potty train. Less stress all around.

And that fabric...oh, so good!


I think you have the right idea - don't force it. I know that is the only reason Georgie is potty trained because not only weren't we expecting him to be interested but we also thought we were just humoring his curiousity - turns out he thought it was pretty cool. lol.


Oh my, I'm drooling over that fabric! We're potty training over here too, isn't it fun? NOT! Hooray for doodoo on the potty!!!


Hurray for Babybug! And those fabrics are gorgeous. What a wonderful Dad you have and such great taste.


Very cute fabrics. I also found that forcing the potty issue didn't work. I just let my son pick his time, now he's an ace.


LOVE the fabric. All this talk about potty training reminds me that I will have to start thinking about that very soon with my 18mo old. My daughter was easy, I don't think that will be the case with him.


yay! my daughter was easy - my son took waaaay longer. gummy bears and jelly beans work wonders!


love the fabric from your father. he has great taste! lucky you.

good luck with potty-training. it's just a matter of time now. it will all fall into place with babybug. trust me, i've trained 4 and #5 is getting ready (goes before and after her bath and occasionally during the day). #6 is too young.

my kids like it when i blow bubbles as they sit on the potty. (after a successful visit) and candy certainly doesn't hurt.

Dawn T

Hello, i am so glad that you are back posting, i miss reading and seeing your latest sewing projects, not too mention the cute pictures of your beautifuplo daughter!

Love the Fabric, OMG, beautiful!

Dawn in Canada


love,love,love the fabric!


What a fun blog. Your daughter is so adorable and so photogenic.

I'd never thought of caterpillars as cute until I saw the shots you took. Great photos!

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