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Friday, March 02, 2007



oh, no! the tea towel! (and the pee!)

babybug's giggly face better be worth it! (she is pretty darn cute, so it might be :)


how the hell does a rabbit pee out of its cage?

got any extra diapers around? :-)


I am sure Snuggles is appreciative of his Martha nest!


Snuggles is so sweet. We had a bunny when we were growing up, although we left her take over our backyard and she dug tunnels all over [woops!]. Good luck with the potty training. =)


my 18 year old just got a bunny too, from a friend, about 2 weeks now, and is trying to potty train him too. btw, his name was sophia, but they had to change his name (to 'topher')when he "matured" and they found he was a he....and like you, i often buy things when my husband's not around - i hide stuff when i have to, and i try to intercept the mail from him when i know i've got an online order coming in....


AWww, so cute!


The rabbit needs the cage full of hay, a towel isnt enough. Put at morningpaper under the cage or planing shavings ? Smells good and takes care of the wet. Remember that he also needs freedom from time to time, running loose :) Snuggles is a very good namne, and he looks sweet!

Sorry about the english, not my language!

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