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Saturday, May 12, 2007



so i'm wondering - do you have a new etsy? and what is your flickr name?

that SUCKS big time about the lost boxes. i can't wait to see what pictures you have of the fabric, though!

glad you and babybug are back safe and sound!


I can't believe I missed the etsy listings!
Hope your fabric arrives.Maybe you'll have to bribe the customs with one of your beautiful bags!
So glad you are back you have been missed xxx


Welcome home (and hope your parcel from here didn't go astray!)


Oh no, I do hope all of your lovely fabrics will turn up really soon!


Sounds like a long trip. So sorry to hear about your lost fabric. I hope it turns up.


oh hope those boxes turn up...

Babybug, such a cutie - she must have had a lot of fun!


I do hope they show up... such an awful feeling to lose things in that manner.

Looks like babybug enjoyed the trip. ;)


My heart stopped when you mentioned the perils of flying to Japan with only child in hand. This July I'm headed to Shikoku with my 3 children by myself. I fluctuate between what have I done and pure excitement. Any helpful hints would be great. My fingers are double crossed for your fabric.


I adore the smile on Babybugs face! What a sugar pie!

Can't wait to see the fabric you scored.... lucky you!


welcome back!...and i missed your etsy sale!!!


Delurking to say that your daughter is so cute!


Delurking too.
Wow, you are brave to take a little one "all by yourself". I am very impressed. She looks quite cute though. Can't wait to see what fabric you managed to get back!


the monkey that your adorable daughter is carrying..is that hand made or store bought? if store bought, where can i get it? if hand made, do you take orders?
i m looking to get a decent sized plush for my 3 yr old god-daughter!!
btw, her new hairstyle is so cute!

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