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Thursday, June 14, 2007


Taisa Jenne

eeek! I need some of this wonderful fabric but I don't have your e-mail! Can I reserve: 1/2 yard of pink trees, 1 yard of the spots, 1/2 of the navy bunnies,the red ducks and the chicks? Japanese fabric is impossible to find in Canada, your stuff is lovely! (fingers crossed) thanks!


Hi, could I please reserve some of that fabric too?
1yd pink/blue trees
1yd duckies
1yd spots
1/2yd each of the pink/green clovers
1yd of the roadmap
Thanks Fini!


me again! Could I up the red ducks to 1 yard and add 1/2 of the blue trees too? Thanks!


man, i keep coming back here to drool. i was going to be 'good' but i have to have some of that roadmap fabric!
1 yard please!
and also 1/2 yd of the pink trees.
Thanks, Tasha!


Crap, I tried to resist, but I can't. Here's my order:
.5 meter big town
.5 yard sunflowers
.5 yard pink trees
.5 yard green clover.

Let me know the damage!!



I would love 2 yards of the sunflower fabric and 1 yard of the big town fabric. Please let me know total cost to Louisille, Kentucky 40218. How would you like me to pay? Money order okay? Thanks! Diane


Hi, Me again! I also want 1 yard of the roadmap.




Omigoodness, those fabrics are to die for. I can't buy any, seriously, I have enough and I've trying to "use what I have." Ah, so tempting though!


Do you still have some of this fabric? Could you let me know what and how much it is? Thanks so much!

Daphne Hardy

Am I too late??!! If I am could you tell me where you got those yummylicious fabrics?? Love your blog :D I am working up the nerve to start my own...someday...


I would really love to get some of your fabric. Especially the 2nd one listed. Can you tell me how to make an order?


Hi have you got any left what prices are they?

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