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Wednesday, June 13, 2007



ha ha! bangs that start at the top of the head are one of my pet peeves! poor kiddo.
my daughter has crazy thick hair - and we've discovered that longer hair works better in the summer - easier to pull back and get it off her neck!


The picture of Babybug with her hair in her face is a very familiar look in our house. My little girl (whose hair is not as thick or long) wakes up with serious bedhead. It always makes me think she had a really great night of sleep. (She won't let me put her hair in a ponytail.)


I think babybug would look cute with or without bangs. She has such a lovely shaped face. But I do agree that bangs are traumatic... probably why I won't ever get them again.


Ha! I had those big bangs growing up...HATED them. Finally grew them out in high school. And is it sad that I have to pin back Baby J's hair at night or he has the same problem as Babybug? ;)


I always think I want bangs and then as soon as I get some they drive me crazy and I remember why I prefer to be bang-less.

I agree with Dawn, I think Babybug would look cute with or without bangs.


when i was little i had bangs. and they were ALWAYS a mess. i have a horrible cowlick and gah, i always looked disheveled.

well, i still always look disheveled but at least my bangs are grown out and my hair is layered so it looks like an intentional disheveled.


I totally agree with the bangs thing! My 2 1/2 year old doesn't have any and I plan to keep it that way. As a child, I never had straight bangs..... they were always crooked and would shrink up after being cut so I would end up looking like Mo from the Three Stooges!

(Although, I love to see a little girl with a bob and short bangs, there's something about that look that is cute!)

I'll be back to drool over your goodies and hopefully pick some up!


We call bangs fringes and my oldest 2 had them for a few years.It took ages to grow them out so I didn't bother with numbers 3 and 4. I think a fringe can look nice on the right shaped face but definately not when it starts at the top of the head!
Babybug looks adorable without a fringe definitely!


hmmm...i like the bang-less look. my first daughter had bangs-her hair was so thick, it helped lessen the bulk. it was a hassle growing them out, but by 3rd or 4th grade she was happily bang-less. my second daughter never had bangs - guess i learned my lesson, that, plus she had curly thick hair that was difficult (for me) to control. needless to say, by the time she was in 2nd or 3rd grade she was doing her own hair and very nicely at that....


I think bangs are only necessary if you have a big forehead, like me. Babybug has a nice small one. My daughter's hair is too curly to have any, good thing she doesn't have my forehead!
I have almost always had bangs, when I look at pics without them, I always think, oh goodness, I need them bangs...

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